Call for Entry: UPLIFT
The SF Open Studios 2022 Campaign Collateral Competition

Uplift [ verb uhp-lift; noun uhp-lift ]

verb (used with object)

to lift up; raise; elevate.

to improve socially, culturally, morally, or the like:


an act of lifting up or raising; elevation.

the process or work of improving, as socially, intellectually, or morally.

emotional or spiritual exaltation.

We're making our way back to normal! ArtSpan’s 2022 SF Open Studios season will run from October 20 through November 13, to coincide with the exhibition date assignments we have received from the SOMArts Cultural Center.

Our 2022 SFOS program will feature general geographic delineations corresponding with weekend assignments (see map & dates here). These divisions are intended to loosely guide you to select the region and weekend that best corresponds to their studio or SFOS event location, while maintaining the flexibility to select the weekend that works best for you.

SFOS Registration will open in mid-June, with two levels of participation (Basic and Premier). As in previous years, SFOS will be widely promoted in print and digital media across the San Francisco Bay Area. The winning artworks of our Campaign Collateral Competition (CCC) will be prominently featured in our robust marketing efforts.

One top winner and four finalists will be selected to have their artwork featured on all relevant SF Open Studios platforms and marketing collateral. In addition to complimentary Premier SFOS Registration, ArtSpan is awarding artist stipends to all five winners.

ArtSpan’s 2022 Premier SFOS Registration includes:

  • Inclusion in the SFOS Printed Guide widely distributed to households and businesses in the SF Bay Area
  • Eligibility to participate in the SFOS Exhibition at the SOMArts Cultural Center
  • Broad promotion as part of the SFOS Season
  • Eligibility to participate in ArtSpan’s virtual open studios on BoothCentral (in addition to your in-person studio event)
  • Access to Venues Seeking Artists list to connect with spaces in San Francisco open to hosting SFOS artists for select weekends
  • Eligibility to purchase advertising space in the SFOS Printed Guide
  • Branded Media Kit to help promote your SFOS participation

For this year’s SF Open Studios Campaign Collateral Competition, we ask you to reflect on the theme of UPLIFT. We encourage artists to explore concepts around growth, enrichment, and advancement. Consider the revitalization of our communities. How does your art celebrate perseverance and reinvigoration to honor those who have struggled and emerged with renewed strength? How can we bring joy to UPLIFT and support one another?

• Open to current ArtSpan Members (Please log in to check your status:
• If you are not a current ArtSpan Member, follow this link to learn more and register for the $50 annual membership:
• If selected, the Campaign Collateral Competition Winner and Finalists must participate in SF Open Studios 2022.
• All entries must be original and executed within the past 5 years.
• Collaborations are accepted.
• Work must not have been used for print material purposes (other than to promote the work of artist).
All selected artworks must have the submission available for viewing during the Exhibition from October 20 - November 13, 2022 at the SOMArts Cultural Center.

• One Top Winner and four Finalists will be selected, for a total of five awards.
• The Top Winner will receive a $1,000 artist stipend and complimentary Premier registration for SFOS 2022.
• Four Finalists will be awarded $250 each, as well as complimentary Premier registration for SFOS 2022.
• ALL Finalists and the Winner will be prominently featured in our SFOS 2022 digital and print promotional materials as well as any collateral materials and public relations efforts.

• Entries representing all media will be accepted, including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, mixed media, fiber, furniture, glass, new media.
• One entry per artist.
• Artist statement of originality – 150 words describing what inspired the piece and how it relates to the theme UPLIFT.
• By submitting to this call-for-entry you agree that your image may be respectfully modified or reconfigured for use across multiple platforms, including digitally, in print and online. Art may be altered for use in various orientations (vertical, horizontal, or square), and portions may be used as graphic accents.
• All entry image files for the initial entry should be submitted in JPEG format. Maximum 5MB.
• All image files must be titled with artist’s last name and first name (ex: SmithJane.jpg)
• If chosen, artist must provide a high-resolution image appropriate for print: 300 dpi image at least 8 inches wide in CMYK. Artist will be responsible for additional photography that may be required to meet print quality standards.

Successful entries feature artwork that
• has elements which can stand alone and apart from the composition as a whole
• can have text overlaid or will work in conjunction with text

• Finalists and top Winner will be selected by collateral designer Jeremy Joven of JOVEN CREATIVE, with input from ArtSpan staff and board.

Entry Deadline: Sunday, July 12, 2022 @ 11:59PM
Top Winner & Finalist Notification: Week of June 20, 2022
Questions? Contact with any questions.

SAMPLE RELEASE OF ARTWORK (for selected artists):
By submitting this form and digital artwork image(s) (“Artwork”), I hereby grant ArtSpan, SF Open Studios, and the ArtSpan board, employees, contractors, and assigns (collectively, “ArtSpan”) a perpetual, unlimited, non-exclusive and irrevocable license to use, display, and reproduce the Artwork and any corresponding identifying information or written material created, installed or produced in connection with this Agreement for ArtSpan’s promotion of SF Open Studios 2022, as well as for any other purpose, in all forms and media and in all manners, in whole or in part, and to authorize the making, display and distribution of reproductions and derivative works of the Artwork in ArtSpan’s sole discretion. I agree that I will not be entitled to any compensation or royalty payment from ArtSpan for such uses, reproductions or derivative works.

I warrant that I created the Artwork submitted and that I am the sole copyright owner and, subject to the perpetual and irrevocable license granted to ArtSpan under this Agreement, shall retain the copyright to the Artwork.  I agree to indemnify and hold ArtSpan harmless from any claims, losses, and liabilities (including attorney fees, court costs, and all other litigation expenses) arising out of any copyright infringement or other intellectual property rights claims in connection with ArtSpan’s use of the Artwork. I also agree that I will not make any claims against ArtSpan arising out of its selection and use of the Artwork.

I acknowledge that should ArtSpan select my Artwork as SF Open Studios 2022 Campaign Collateral Competition Top Winner or Finalist, I will make the original artwork available for additional digital photography and that ArtSpan may modify, crop or edit the Artwork, including any written material, in its sole discretion. I waive any right to inspect or approve ArtSpan publications or reproductions of the Artwork, including any written material that may be created in connection therewith.

I am 18 years of age or older and have the authority to enter into this license and release, and am fully familiar with its contents; or I am a parent or legal guardian submitting on behalf of a minor or dependent adult and have full authority to authorize this license and release, and agree to assume any liabilities therein.